5 Ways to Upcycle Worn Clothing

Repurposing worn clothing is a great way to be green and create unique Accessories. Your tattered, eco-friendly t-shirts can be transformed into inventive pieces to adorn your wardrobe. This reduces waste and allows you to continue your conscientious lifestyle, even after your apparel has worn out. Buying Repair the World? recycled fiber clothing is an excellent option for conscientious consumers, as our products take advantage of how recycling can conserve resources. Here are just five examples of sustainable accessories that can make from old t-shirts and more.

1. Top to Tote

An old eco-friendly t-shirt can be made into a reusable grocery bag with just a few alterations. Another piece from your green apparel wardrobe, like an old tank top can be transformed into a cute purse, equipped with pockets. Check out the step-by-step process at More Design Please or Crafty Nest.

2. T-Shirt to Braided Bracelets or Necklaces

Cutting your old green Apparel series fabric into strips and braiding them can make colorful and soft bracelets or necklaces. You can determine the thickness of the strips to create different looks, and even add beads to embellish these unique, sustainable accessories. Check out Recycled Crafts and Lana Red for some ideas and a step-by-step process.

3. Fabric Headbands and Buttoned Bobby Pins

Your eco-friendly t-shirt fabric can be used to create a variety of headbands. Braiding the fabric like the recycled t-shirt braided bracelet can make for a hip, bohemian style. Adding other fabric such as lace to your green apparel creates an elegant look. Check out this example on Etsy.com. Old buttons can be sewn on to bobby pins to make charming, rustic accessories. Check this out at A Homemaker’s Journal.

4. Green Shirts To Great Tops

Transform your old eco-friendly t-shirts or other items from your green apparel wardrobe into innovative, handmade, and attractive tops. Simply reconstructing your old tops into new items can vamp up their look. Lana Red had two great ideas for turning a men’s t-shirt into a cute original woman’s top and an embellished fabulous original top. These distinctive green apparel items will give your wardrobe eye-catching homemade pieces.

5. Shirt to Skirt

Your eco-friendly t-shirts can be made into a cute skirt. Threading My Way and Lana Red have some great ideas and demonstrate the process for making your own refashioned green apparel from your worn shirts. These stylish shirts turned skirts will stand out!

Try these great ideas! Recycling and refashioning worn out green apparel and eco-friendly t-shirts into sustainable Apparel Accessoriess is a great way to reduce waste and creatively make one-of-a-kind pieces. Remember, these great ideas can be used for any type of worn clothing, not just eco-friendly fabrics. I used some of my own Repair the World? T-Shirts to make a braided headband (see below!) “Feel Good, and Do Good” with these great ideas to help keep our world clean.



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